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Wolf Fever (Alpha Project, #1)My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was: hot and steamy… Yes; but it was also very disoriented, confusing and badly structured.

The plot was: good; but it needs a little (perhaps a lot of) polish.

The beginning was: good… but it didn’t continue to be that way. You want answers from this beginning; and sure, you get a few answers, but not nearly enough to satisfy you.

If you have read a lot of “shifter-books” than you know most of the things already about your typical werewolf; but if not, then you’re out of luck since the main character doesn’t know a thing. The annoying part though is that she doesn’t even ask questions, she just accepts everything… I’m mean come on, what’s up with that?!

The middle was: so-so.

The crescendo was:

The finish/ending was: a relief… I’ve finally finished this book!

The characters were: not exactly as bad as static; but not good either.

Would I recommend this book? Yes/no? Why/why not? No, because of all the reasons I’ve stated above.