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Paladin (Paladin, #1)My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was: fantastic.
The plot was: something I haven’t read before (not really, something similar yes, but not the same) and I loved it. I’m immensely pleased I purchased this book on the off chance it could be read that I might enjoy. Let’s just say it surpassed my expectations.

The beginning was: very intriguing, at times confusing, but it still filled me with suspense.
The middle was: great.
The crescendo was: epic.
The finish/ending was: a bit sad, since I had another “favourite” in mind… but I’m not disappointed or anything because the ending is more than acceptable.

The characters were: nicely portrayed and grew with the storyline.

The language was: not exactly simple, but it could have been a lot fancier.

Would I recommend this book? Yes/no? Why/why not? Yes I would; because it’s a wonderful book filled with lots of great stuff!