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Once a Witch (Witch, #1)My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was: unique, strange and not entirely in my taste.
The plot was: alright I presume, but I would have liked a lot more “umpf”.

The beginning was: slow and boring.
The middle was: intriguing, but still slow.
The crescendo was: confusing, and not really all that good.
The finish/ending was: expected, but still surprising.

The characters were: dynamic, but at the same time plain (but not static).
The world-building was: really good.
The language was: alright.
The themes represented in the book were: classic and a bit boring.

Would I recommend this book? Yes/no? Why/why not? No, I would not. Even though I didn’t like this book much, there was still something there that made me finish it. That’s why this book gets two stars instead of one. But I still wouldn’t recommend this book.